Quality Dog Walking & Pet Care Service

Over 30 years of expertise focused around animal health and welfare


I have enjoyed and looked after many pets and have cared for different species of animals and invertebrates including dogs, cats, exotics, rodents, guinea pigs, rabbits  birds and spiders. It has been a life long passion of mine to provide a service to pets and their owners that is gold standard making busy lives and holidays worry free.

I believe that my experience and knowledge sets this service above the rest.  A chance to meet and greet me and an opportunity to design a service meeting your needs is free of charge and at your convenience.

My services include:

Dog Walking, from 30 minutes minimum.

Pet Boarding of small animals, from 1 night to 3 weeks.

Home visits to provide food, water and company to your pets when you cannot be at home.

Play with Cats & Dogs (including kittens and puppies) when you are at work to help to settle in your new companion.


Dog Walking

Locally within your area, dogs will not be let off the lead and will be walked individually or together with other dogs within the household.  We will ensure that your dogs come home happy and tired.


Home Visits

Visits to your home to feed and water animals  including cats, rodents, reptiles, arachnids, rabbits, birds and fish.


Small Animal Pet Boarding

Drop off and pick up service is available, animals will need to be housed within their home environments to eliminate stress.  Species include rodents, reptiles, arachnids and birds.  Animals will be provided with fresh food and water daily and will be cleaned out regularly, ensuring they are provided with  environmental enrichment available at all times.


Visits to play with Cats & Dogs

Services include play time with your dogs and cats including puppies and kittens during the day.  We can feed your pets too.  Please contact us to discuss your bespoke needs. 

Get in touch

I aim to respond to your message within 24 hours but if you need to speak to us urgently, please email diane.hazlehurst45@gmail.com  or call Diane on either Tel: 01223 290071 or Mobile 07787108975.

Normal working hours are Mon-Fri 8 am to 6 pm.